The COVID-19 Effect

With schools, offices, and non-essential businesses being closed, we’re all stuck at home trying to carve out some resemblance of normalcy from the unfortunate conditions that have been thrust upon us. For many parents, that means somehow trying to balance the demands of working from home with the responsibilities that come with raising kids. I’m curious how are dads handling it?

For me, I’m actually really good at multitasking. So, while it took me a bit to get the hang of adapting to the new work environment – I think I’m doing pretty good.

So what’s different?
Well for start, every day is bring your kids to work day. As the owner of Shasta Solution a digital marketing agency and Co-creator of CrushData and Blush, work is pretty remote as my customers and team members are all over the country, but working from home has really blended my changed my work-life balance, possibly for the better. Now I don’t just have adults to manage, but two children, whom are full of energy and questions. I check my e-mail early in the morning to put out any business fires. Then I help set the kids up for a school ‘lesson’. Sometimes it’s iPad or computer stuff, but sometimes I’ll look for easy things I can do with them at home like word games or math puzzles. Then they do ‘classwork’ while I accomplish some work. It’s true, there really isn’t any time to spare, but the routine and the combination of school and work makes the days fly by super-fast. As someone who is regularly creating or helping start-ups I’m not to concerned about burnout as I’m good at applying extra hours in my workday for several weeks or months, but I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel for motivation.

Time with my Boys
I’m enjoying doing more with my boys during the day. With brief moments in between work and school, we’re enjoying our time together. We’ve been coming up with this we can do around the house that not only keeps us entertained but puts our brains to work as well. For example, we had a couple of days that it was so rainy that we couldn’t do anything outside, so we deiced to get the nerf guns out and make a movie. This was a good opportunity to teach the boys about the process of film making. I guided them on creating a story, planning the shots, selecting the equipment and directing the movie.

Husbandly duties
Now that we are together 24/7, my wife and I have been drinking more…
? As that was a joke its also kinda true, but in a good way. We’ve had to adjust to giving each other time to work, take calls and sometime video conferencing, but for the most part we’ve gotten better at communicating in the moment. Because of this adjustment we are having to be creative on how to spend time with each other. Some of the new together activities have been wine or cocktail tasting. Now we can’t do our regular drive down to Napa for some cabana time on a vineyard or go to our favorite local restaurant Moonstone for a random drinks and date night, but Bevmo delivers. We’ve discovered some new favorite drinks that we might have never tried, thanks to this quarantine.

All of that said, I’m choosing to focus on what’s important and only allowing what’s within my control to impact me. So for now, I will continue to work or the work that is there, and make the moments with my family count. If it changes, for the good or the worse, I will do what I can to continue to take care of the ones I love.

Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.


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