National Sales Trainer

Project Summary:
As a National Sales Trainer, I spearheaded a pivotal project for The Buckle, a prominent U.S. retail company. This project focused on recruiting and training new employees for the launch of additional store locations across the nation, specifically in Arizona, Washington, and Kentucky.

My core responsibility revolved around talent recruitment. I personally invested myself in each location, spending several weeks getting to know local communities, and forming partnerships with schools to identify and recruit potential talent. This hands-on approach ensured we found the perfect match between our brand and new team members.

Once the hiring process was complete, I led an all-encompassing training initiative for both new and existing employees. I developed a comprehensive curriculum covering leadership skills, merchandising, store operations, scheduling, and other vital retail operational aspects.

In some existing locations, my role expanded to include hiring and training store leaders to manage day-to-day operations. This involved equipping new leaders with the necessary skills to oversee daily store activities, customer service, inventory management, and staff supervision.

The successful outcome of this project can be credited to my well-rounded expertise in sales development, my commitment to comprehensive personnel training, and my ability to foster meaningful relationships within diverse communities. My systematic approach to align local recruitment with rigorous training has played a significant role in facilitating The Buckle’s expansion across the United States.