TikTok users are staying online

TikTok users are staying online.

Millions of people use TikTok to upload, watch, and comment on videos of themselves. These videos range from lip-syncing songs to talking about their day or even just describing their surroundings – think of it as the world’s biggest webcam.

As a marketer, this is a massive opportunity to get in front of millions of users without having to spend a ridiculous amount of ad dollars. For instance, when we recently did a spot for the brand Snickers on Tiktok, we learned that our ad cost was less than the Snickers value packs sold in the U.S., and equally as effective. That’s why brands are flocking to Tiktok – it works!
But whether you’re in business or just a savvy consumer, you can’t shake your smartphone to see if there are any new videos that you might want to watch.

In an effort to maintain a streamlined experience, Tiktok has removed the “shake to explore” feature that allowed users to discover videos based on what their friends were watching at the moment.
Now, you’ll only be able to access content related to your own activity – if you watched funny videos, you’ll see more of the videos you love.